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CS Workflow adds unprecedented sophistication into our PaletteShare and ImageShare Windows software. Create requests for lab dip submits from suppliers and respond to them via the web or from within the SmartClient with the renowned ChromaShare ease-of-use.

Lab dip approval

Compare one or many colours against a standard in a variety of ways - direct visual comparisons, numerically, and in our 3D graph. Approve or reject submits against a standard, either manually or automatically, through advanced tolerance setting. Role-based permissions make it easy to assign and track tasks.

Add an unlimited number of custom data fields, comments and instructions. Your partners can see them all via any web browser, and then respond in the browser.

But the most advanced feature of this software is that it enables a completely customisable work flow. We can create a process unique to your organisation, following current or to-be-implemented best practice.

And because your needs can be hard to capture in one go, and because your process may change, we can edit your process design and update your workflow globally within minutes.

System Requirements

Operating System:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
.NET 3.5 runtime.
Supported Monitor Probes:
ColorVision/Datacolor Spyder 2, Datacolor Spyder 3, eye-one display, or any that produce ICC profiles
Supported Spectrophotometers:
Datacolor, GretagMacbeth/X-Rite Models
Supported Colour Formats:
ChromaShare CPX, Datacolor QTX, X-Rite CxF v2 and CxF v3, Society of Dyers and Colourists SDC (Current Draft Specification), Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE)
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Powerful comparison and lab dip approval software

Sophisticated Workflow Editing

Sophisticated Workflow Editing

Respond in your browser

Any member of your global supply chain can participate using a web browser


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